Bluetooth TechnologyBluetooth® is a wireless communication platform that enables data to be transferred between two or more electronic devices through the use of high frequency radio waves.

Many of today’s electronic products offer Bluetooth connectivity, including mobile phones, music players, computers, tablets and televisions. Individuals with hearing loss can opt for Bluetooth-compatible digital hearing aids for improved functionality and convenience. By streaming signals from your electronic devices directly to your hearing aids, you are better able to stay connected.

Because Bluetooth technology requires more power than a typical hearing aid battery can generate, most instruments rely on an additional assistive listening device, called a streamer. This device acts as a go-between, allowing your hearing aid to communicate with the other electronic device. Not only does this allow for communication between the hearing aid and another device, but it also enables two hearing aids to communicate, giving you an improved hearing experience.

Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids offer a number of user benefits. They provide a personalized listening experience; the audio signal can be set to stream to one or both hearing aids, allowing you to maintain the ability to hear other sounds in the room, which is especially useful during phone calls. The hearing aids can function as wireless ear buds when paired with a personal music player. Multiple devices can be connected to one streamer, allowing you to switch between them effortlessly. Many streamers act as remote controls for your hearing aids, allowing you to remotely change the volume and save you from the hassle of dealing with tiny hearing aid controls.

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